Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Boot Sale In Hartford

It was a sunny morning on Sunday so we headed to Hartford for the boot sale in the college car park. I had a bad cold so wasn't really in a bargain hunting mood. In fact, after one circuit of the stalls I was ready to go home again and curl up in front of the TV and vegetate and drink lemon and honey drinks. Hazel was OK at that time ( but since caught my cold ) and found lots of bargains including some battered toffee and biscuit tins, a silver propelling pencil, lots of plants and other stuff too numerous to remember! Archie was in Scotland looking at Glasgow art school ( much of which is still in a bad way after the terrible fire ) so missed the sale. Hazel wanted to go and visit the bluebell wood again but I really just wanted to go home. There's always next weekend.

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