Monday, April 24, 2017


Nice walk around the bluebells at Marbury Woods yesterday after a great boot sale at Whitegate. The sun came out which made it extra special as always. We look forward to this time of year so much. The smell of the trees and wild garlic the chirping of the birds and the amusing dogs frolicsome in the nearby stream. Got some bargains at the boot sale too - a sound bar that works quite well for the TV that isn't so good with those bass notes. Hazel got a set of old 30's Handicraft books with some great illustrations. The woman she bought them from (£3) said they were bound for the tip if she didn't sell them. Has she not heard of charity shops?! Also some other bits and bobs and plants of course - a bootful of bootiful plants. Archie got some fixings and screws etc. for his shed.

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