Thursday, April 06, 2017

Vintage Family Photos

My sitser Barb found some great old family photos in her album this week which Ive had to doctor a bit to make them less faded looking. Loving the one of me with a quiff at Butlins back in the the 50's looking all too much like the grumpy teenager! The others in the back garden in Basildon are great too and bring back some happy memories, when Basildon was more of a village than the sprawling new town it is now.


Corringham Depot said...

The pram picture was taken walking down Fobbing Road towards Corringham. With the Digby Road junction just behind them, and the White Lion pub on the hill in the distance. All the houses seen are still there, and were originally built over 100 years ago by Kynoch for workers in their new explosives factory. Which until 1920, was on the site which became Coryton Refinery.

Wastedpapiers said...

Thanks for the info. Corringham Depot. Yes, that's me and my sister with my parents back in the 50's. We lived in Digby Road for a while , in a flat with gas mantles and a tin bath to wash in. I went to the school in Herd Lane just down the road. My Dad worked at Coryton Refinery and the Mobil works as a security guard - a job he did until he retired in the 80's.