Thursday, November 10, 2011

Will & Adela's Wedding & Guy Pile

Here's the first guy pile with the one I made at the front. There's a better photo of me dancing with it that Hazel took but seems to be horizontal and no idea how blogger can twist it round.
A lovely time was had by all needless to say though we did feel a bit like gate crashers as we didnt know anybody- only Will & Adela. The disco wasa bit loud ( showing my age here! ) so glad when it stopped and the guys were called for and we danced around for the judges. Needless to say we didn't win any prizes - some amazing elaborate ones had been created.
Here's the lovely bride and groom singing a heart warming duet by two pink piggy cakes . No fireworks though but some cows looking over a fence and lots of kids running around high on icing sugar and pop I imagine! Coincidentally it was our anniversary so an interesting way to celebrate it. Now we shall never forget Will & Adela's as it's the same day as ours and the Bonfire Night which in itself is a massive clue and sticks out like a sparkly rocket on the calender.
Outside the Hotel in deepest Cheshire the guys are piled up before the big dance off. That's not Nick Clegg at the front next to Cow Guy.

PS. We had to take our guy home and rather than burn him we took his papier mache head off and put it on a shelf in the front room so now he looks down at us while we watch telly.
We labouriously unscrewed the balls of newspaper inside used as stuffing and flattened them ALL out again for putting in the recycling bag. The clothes and slippers are going to Oxfam.

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