Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend Trunk Calls

Not a particularly busy weekend though we did manage to sort out the Xmas card photo - dressed up in our silliest festive jumpers and hats we posed around the the festive twig with dangly pine cones that Archie made copying the illustration in the Ladybird Book of Things To Make. Going to get 100 printed today and make up the cards over the next week or so. I bet you can't wait!
Also the boot sales. The one at Witton was a bit of a disaster due to the inclement weather. Only three stalls outside and three inside. Luckily the i-Insect lady was there so bought two off her. Hazel bought some last week and I was keen to get some of my own. Trumpety trump!
Archie bought a huge bag of old Ultimate Real Robot magazines with attached bits of cyborg to make for a quid. The lady selling them said 50p first of all but Archie thought this too cheap and doubled it. When he got home however he realised 50p was too expensive for the pile of mouldy smelly crap he had bought in the dim light of the shipping container that served as a stall. He threw most of it in the bin!
The one at Antrobus was a lot busier but a quid to get in which was a bit steep. They even had a few stalls outside. I bought two old steam train books and a DVd of "Spiral Staircase" " a Hitchcockian thriller". Hazel got loads of stuff from the 20p stall including a lovely old 1937 copy of the Radio Times with extra Coronation of King George 6th colour supplement. Worth it alone for the amusing adverts for sheds, dog food and Liver Pills. Also a King George 6th glass fruit bowl, a potty, a set of cutlery and all manner of other tat.

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