Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nuclear Family

Havent really done all that much of note lately but a quick update. New blog seems to be faltering slightly with me the only one adding to it. I thought it was a good theme too - Family. This is one I did which seems to have gleaned lots of comments on Flickr. Strangely other collages which I consider much more accomplished have been ignored completely. Again I seem to be at odds with the world around me! Nevermind - it helps me focus on my collage work which was the main reason for starting a new blog in the first place.

Besides the alternate daily shopping trips and healthy walks we have been to the boot sales which continue despite the Winter weather. The one at Witton, although small, comes up with bargains week after week. Last week I got a huge bag of stuff mainly because it was so cheap - DVD's , CD's and books. More stocking fillers. Hazel found some great creepy crawly i-insects which run on tiny batteries and whizz about looking very authentic. Only a quid each and in the shops they are sometimes as much as six quids!

They still keep trying to get planning permission for the land at the end of our garden which is annoying. They have been turned down several times already so hopefully they will be again though in the current climate one wonders.

Hazel has been poorly with a nasty sore throat and laryngitus so off work for a week. Amazingly I havent caught it ( touch wood ) but Archie had a mild dose of it but cleared up pretty quickly.
Keep taking the tablets!

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