Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

A relative of Key Hole Kate ( remember her?) that Hazel found at the antique place at the Crafts Centre the other day when she took Audrey over to do some shopping. She also got a big bag of candles from the candle shop. Audrey got some blue and white china so she was happy.
So that's Xmas and New year's over for another year - another decade zipped by at quite alarming speed! We have new toys to play with and more inches around the waste to loose. I'm not making any New Years resolutions though as I know from past experience they don't last past January. One collage a day maybe? We shall see.
Archie is home from his party at a friends and catching up with some sleep on the sofa. Hazel is making some bread in the bread machine. We intended on going for a walk but it's raining and murky. Catching up with some bloggage. Set recorder for Bee Story and Wall-E this afternoon. We had fakey bacon and scrambled egg sarnies for lunch. New Scrapiteria blog theme is "House" so off now to cut out some likely bits from the old mags that Will and Adela gave us for Crimble.

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