Tuesday, January 18, 2011


We bought some Spring Green emulsion for the front room recently at B&Q so the other day I did the first couple of walls and moved half the furniture around so I could get paint onto the walls and not on the pictures, objets d'arts and nick nackery etc. The process of moving all the clutter and collections took longer than the actual painting!
Today I did the second half of the remaining walls which if anything was even harder as I have to move all the stuff from the mantlepiece and the big mirror that is above it- not to mention the toys, candles, gew-gaws and whatnots! Also had to move part of our DVD collection so I could access the shelves round the back of the telly and toy cabinet. It took a while and uncovered lots of spiders , fluff and dust. So had to hoover and dust a bit which isn't my favourite occupation. Then who DOES enjoy it?

It does look a lot better now its done ofcourse so well worth the time and effort.

We have a new cooker now and still trying to figure out it's various knobs and dials. I managed to burn the lasagne the other evening but it tasted fine if a little crunchy! I have a newly rebuilt tooth so was wary of crunching too hard and breaking it again! Yesterday the brussel sprouts were a bit underdone so still trying to get it right. It is a better oven than the one we used for 12 years though which was the cheapest we could afford at the time. This one has extra thick glass doors and you hardly know its on - which is part of the problem!

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