Monday, June 28, 2010


Hazel is still full of cold a week later. She had last Monday off and stayed in bed but struggled in Tuesday.
This photobooth photo is on Archie's wall now- hence the reflections. Taken by one of Hazel's students -Olivia Glasser - at the Interactive Arts degree show. We thought it was just one photo but the camera flashed agin when we were piling out (knocking the curtain down ) and Hazel jumped back in for the last one.
Busy day on Tuesday. Went to the Sorting Office and took down the feet shaped postcards that have been there over a year now. No chance of adding anything new to the cabinet so left it empty. Bought a cheap MP3 player with my birthday money and spent a a while adding lots of stuff to it. I've never really seen the point of getting one before as I would hardly use it but going to Manchester on the train last week with the clunky MD player made me realise it would be quite handy. This Archos is tiny and holds up to 16mbs with added memory slot thingy.
Wednesday watched the football - England v Slovakia which we scraped a win - a portent of things to come.
Archie went into college for final exam - General Studies.
Weather has been very warm and no rain for ages - most unusual for June!
Archie sat outside too long and got heat sickness and headache so he had Thursday off college.
Friday I walked to town and back despite the heat. Made a Waldorf salad for lunch with pecans.Yum! The onion pickle I made a month ago is ready to eat and is delicious even if I say so myself. I shall definitely be making some more!
More futball.

Went to town with Hazel on Saturday. No bargains. Glastonbury started. Watched some I recorded the previous night. Highlight was Bombay Bicycle Club.
More futball. In the evening went to see Bernard Wrigley ( The Bolton Bullfrog) at the local theatre. Phew- it was a bit hot and muggy inside what is basically a corrogated tin hut! Bernard was great though despite bits of the show being , as Hazel described it - like a Saga Holiday sing-along!
Boot sales the next day at Walnut Tree fram and Whitegate football club. Very hot- so hot I wore a silly big hat I bought in New York.
Got a couple of games and Hazel found a few bits and bobs including a fruit bowl, a gyroscope and a packet of old fuses - just what every girl needs!

Watched to England v Germany horror show in the afternoon and cried into our beer.
O well , we'll have to wait for the European championships to try and make up for it.
Had a nice bar-b-q outside later despite the noisy neighbours who seemed to be strangling a pig and sawing up some scaffolding poles with a bread knife.

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