Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Found this old collaborative mail art "pass along" piece in a folder today. The late and much missed Michael Scott added most of the words with a glue that looks a bit like treacle? Maybe it was treacle?
Another week and bit flashed by. The weekend was marred by the rain but did get to the indoor boot sale at the memorial Hall. Got there too early and passed the time by wandering around the town and looking at bits of buildings we hadnt really noticed before - wooden gargoyles, brightly painted imps, grotesque statuary - and that was just in the newsagents! No, I'm kiddin' ofcourse- some lovely corners and crooked nannies around the back streets of Northwich. Looking above the tarted up shop fronts you see some lovely old brickwork and ornate guttering , wonky chimneys and pointy roofs.
Back at the memorial Hall the Q's had formed and it was a bit packed inside with everyone shuffling around trying to get in each others way. So we didnt stay long. Hazel found a strange biomechanical bracelet with knobs on- for transforming a nervous wreck into a chilled out yoghurt. I found some cheap DVD's ofcourse- 50p each with no sleeves or boxes - he just put them in a paper bag like toffees.
The Comic Strip from the early days of Channel 4 when they showed some good stuff. Also some 10 hours of old cartoons on 4 discs with lots of Betty Boop and Popeye and other Fleischer Bros gems amongst the dross.
Later we went over to Granma's to plant some flowery plugs and weed her overgrown beds- not in that order ofcourse.

Today I ordered my new glasses- both long and short sighted specs. Boots are much better than Specsavers and I don't care who knows it. A little more expensive maybe but at least they treat you properly and you don't feel you're being rushed through because you are over 60.
Archie has been revising for his A levels and had two exams this week- Chemistry and Biology which went OK he said . Its General Studies next week. He's hoping to form a band but has only one conscript so far.
Looking forward to the football fest soon but I don't think Hazel is! I think we will refrain from draping a 6 foot union jack from the upstairs window though.


Roger Stevens said...

It's been a while... the football fest is well under way. Michael cott... great days. We were much younger then of course which helped.

wv = sliment - a slippery binding for bricks.

Roger Stevens said...

Missed the S off Scott. Sorry.

wastedpapiers said...

Yes, a long time ago now but still very fresh in my mind. He really was a genius at making his correspon dance.

WV = noleckm - creepy game show host.