Monday, June 21, 2010

Merz Day

As Creative Thing ( long time mail art chum ) keeps telling me- my birthday is also Kurt Schwitter's. Celebrated with a boot sale at Moss Farm. We had to park miles from it though as the car park was "full up" but when we got there it seemed half empty! Didnt find much- a DVD of Silence Of The Lambs with extras disc for a quid. Hazel was full of cold but bravely trudged round for my sake and bought a few weird things- a wooden ruler with an inch missing, an intricately peirced watch part, a watch chain fob? Then in the afternoon we went over to Granma's for fish 'n chips and a big sticky cake they had bought at the church fete.
It was Father's Day too so got a nice double card from Archie he had collaged with two flaps - one for birthday and the other for fathers. Box of chocs, set of collaging scalpels and plastic box box from Granma and Audrey and some money. Hazel found me a nice old toffee tin at the boot that I'm sure I had as a child.
Home to watch the football - exciting game between Brazil and the Ivory Coast. Ivory Coast left it a bit late for a fight back and lost 3 - 1. It all got a bit silly at the end with lots of diving and play acting.
Hazel was feeling terrible so went to bed early.
This photo was taken a few weeks ago but sums up how happy I felt yesterday being with my family.
Previously in the week we'd been to Manchester and the degree shows. Had lunch with John Hegley and his girlfriend in the Cornerhouse. He opened the Interactive Arts show later with a song and cut the purple ribbon. He then rushed off to the University theatre to do a gig which we managed to catch luckliy. We shared a taxi back to the centre of town. We we all feeling very tired so declined the offer of a drink in the hotel bar. The next day Hazel had to look after the gallery and keep an eye on the students but cold was kicking in. Archie and I wandered round all the rest of them - fine art, graphics, illustration etc.
So a pretty busy fun packed weekend. All that culture gave me a headache!

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