Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday Frost

Another video from the Flip camera taken at Granma's house and in Marbury Park. Have tried messing about with the software included which mixes the images in certain ways- like the sepia look here plus jaunty background music.
Brrr! Its cold today- thick frost outside. Yesterday we took some junk to the local tip and had to queue up with all the others who had the same idea. Time to make room for all that new junk we have aquired! We had several defunct electrical gadgets piling up in the shed - electric kettle, hair dryer and radio that are all burnt out or malfunction in some way. Amazing heap of similar objects at the tip. Hopefully they are recycled in some way and not just go to land fill.
A brief walk around town to see what sales there were. Not much it seems. Woolworths looked very sad and empty with just a few items left - like some third world supermarket. Hopefully it wont remain empty and boarded up for long.
One wonders what shop will follow it down the rocky road to ruin.
Hazel bought some A4 printing paper but it wasnt any cheaper than usual. I looked for a USB cable for the Flip camera but couldn't find any.
Will have to try Chester next week as they have a better selection of shops.
After dinner ( the last of the nut roast ) we watched Billy Bailey DVD "Tinselworm" that Archie gave me for Crimbo. It was quite funny but not as good as expected. Playing to large arenas really looses some of that intimate atmosphere of the earlier gigs.

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