Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sanity Clause

Just back from shopping at Morrisons for mince pies, custard, poppadums, parsnips, etc. etc. and other xmassy groceries. I'll expect we'll be out to get more before the 25th though. It wasn't as hellish as i thought it would be but the drive there was full of incident- mad drivers over taking on bends and tail gating and we caught them up at the lights so what did they gain? Stupid iriots - as Benny Hill once said. Audrey came along too and was telling us abou the scrape she got from a big lorry with sickly driver who shouldnt have been driving by the sound of it. The insurance people said the car would have to be scrapped which made Audrey very upset. We went along to see the damage and it was a very faint scratch down one side and the hub-cap popped off and rolled somewhere ( who knows where? ) and a slight dent- hardly visible by the naked eye, so to suggest she have it scrapped seems ludicrous! It shook them up- her and Granma- though and will be wary of big lorries in future, especially those driven by pale sickly looking men.
We have lightsup inthe back room now - around the window which brightens it up a bit.
Hazel was just outsie washing the car and a Water Co van drove up and parked right across her white line. She wasnt pleased needlesss to say and told him to move it as the whole street was empty mostly and so plenty of other places to park. Another sickly looking bloke with hardly any brain cells to rub togther. How come they all get work with the council, water, electric services? Duh!
Another van drove up shortly afterwards and they grunted at each other as they went looking for a leak. "Dont park there- she's already told me off!"

Archie is back from bowling. He said he now smells of chips, grease and bowling alleys.
Off to get the tree now. The one from last year in a pot at the bottom of the garden is still alive but looks a bit tatty and probably full of slugs, bugs and weevils.
Also an interesting selection of cards from people we dont know or can't recognise! Who, for example, are Freya, Pippi and Inga? They sent an intriguing packet of "pills" with a home made label" Christmas Survival Pills" which are really Tic-tacs. "May Not Work On Teenagers". If anyone has any idea who these jokers are do let us know- both Hazel and I have no idea who they are, but scarily they seem to know us!


scrapatorium said...

Funny, about those Tic Tacs! Must be one of your pals joking with you. I promise, it was not me! I do have some packages I am mailing Saturday for you. You won't get them in time for Christmas, but then, that's my tradition.

I used to love to bowl. I bowled in college, if you can believe it. As teens, we would go to Midnight Madness at the local bowling alley. They would shut all the lights, switch on the black lights and the alleys/pins would glow in neon colors. The best part was the rock music they blasted. Good times.

wastedpapiers said...

We still can't figure it out Angelica! Maybe a mail art contact we've forgotten about? Posted in UK though and the postmark begins with a "L" so could be from London or Leeds or any number of places we have contacts. I expect the penny will drop soon.

I find bowling hard enough without turning the lights out and playing very loud rock music! I guess you'd have to be a teen to appreciate it!

Look forward to the packages. I sent you a small packet recently so hope it arrives before Xmas!