Monday, December 08, 2008

Do You Feel Christmassy Yet?

Not in this drizzle I dont! Just back from a shopping trip to town. My duffle coat soaks up the rain like a sponge. We have our lights up and flashing - so do the neighbours. We have new noisy ones from Poland or somewhere foreign. They seem friendly enough but shout very loudly in Polish or whatever it is. Hard to work out who actually lives there as I've seen at least 5 different people coming and going. They have at least two flashy cars- a BMW and a Passat. They'll find parking a nightmare down our street - one of the reasons the last couple moved out apparently.
O well , it's early days yet. Watch this space for further neighbour news.
I did the collaged xmas card again this years and got 100 printed at Boots for 8p each. We spent most of the weekend sticking them down onto card and folding and enveloping , rubber stamping etc. I posted a heap of them this morning and spent this afternoon doing more. One wonders if it's worth all the time and effort!
No time to feed the ducks this weekend. More shopping and sliding on the trecherously slippy pavements!
Woolies was heaving due to a 50% off lots of things Sale, but not much I wanted sadly. I did queue up to buy a calender on Sunday when it was relatively quiet.
Fascinating stuff eh?
Hazel made a christmas cake with the help of his nibs. It looks good enough to eat. I was thinking about making some mince pies but probably easier to buy them. Mine tend to erupt like mini volcanoes and spill sticky goo all down the pie dishes like so much treacley lava! It hell to wash off afterwards.


Roger Stevens said...

fascinating indeed. We've just got back from shopping. We're off to France this year. Jill's mum's gonna make the mince pies. (Of course it's worth it) but we just bought a cheap Christmas cake. it's plain but Jilly will stick a twig of holly on top.

Cards. We'll return the year before's robins with additions. And hope to get back some of last years snowy hillsides.
Otherwise we're going to recycle last years cards.

Good word verification.

wastedpapiers said...

Bon annee and boucoup de crimble! I believe that's how you are supposed to hail a french person at xmas so remember that Roger.

The twig of holly makes all the difference especially as we are vegetarian.
We look forward to your recycled cards. I dont know where the landscape one is- buried benaeth baubles and tinsel I expect.

Word verification- "ASS BUCKET"

Roger Stevens said...

Ass bucket?

You're kidding.