Wednesday, August 01, 2007

W.Reginald Bray

It's always nice to find someone who is interested , indeed, passionate about the same things you are and here is one such man, John Tingey, who contacted me recently after seeing a mention of W.Reginald Bray on Flobberlob. His excellent website is full of great images of the postcards and "return to sender" mailings that Bray collected. Also a lovely photo of some of the objects he sent through the post including a collar of a shirt and scrubbing brush. He also sent me this photo of the old victorian postbox in Forest Hill that Mr. Bray used.

Today has been a quiet day in with some blogging and collaging. I also made a CD compilation and the collaged sleeve and sent them out to the lucky recipients. We popped to the station to book our holiday train tickets. Annoyed rather that Virgin won't allow you to book seats despite the chances of the train being packed. We are rather sick of riding in the luggage rack!

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