Monday, August 20, 2007


Just back from a lovely week of rest and relaxation in glorious North Wales. Packed quite a lot into a few days including a terrific drive through Snowdonia National Park ( wonderful scenery ) to Portmerion and Ffestiniog steam railway, Conway castle, Bangor, Anglesey and Puffin Island and all places in between. I wrote a holiday diary with some collaged pages of the ticket stubs and receipts etc. we collected so might upload extracts in the next bloggage. Lucky you!

The weather was kind to us for the first few days and we got quite pink on the beach. Occasional showers and then this weekend we had mostly drizzle but we had to stay for Ken Dodd at the local theatre- a treat not to be missed!
The show didnt finish until 1a.m. in the morning so very tired today. Hazel insisted on waiting outside the stage door for his autograph but Doddy didnt appear but the manager or who-ever she was took all the books and photos inside for him to sign. We even bought "tickling sticks" and a Diddy Men comic ( he signed that also ) A very funny man and well worth staying up late for.

Home to nearly 900 e-mails most of which are spam and phish. How tickled I am not at getting these!

Archie being happy in Happy Valley- the pier in the background.(top)

Hazel and Archie on Llandudno pier looking out for seagulls. (bottom)


Adele said...

Ah, my part of the world :) My Mum and Dad do their weekly shop in Llandudno. Conway Castle is just lovely - did you visit the smallest house?

Adele x

wastedpapiers said...

It's a beautiful part of the world too- we somehow missed the Smallest House but had a great walk around the castle- up the towers and down in the dungeons etc. and along the town wall. Sawa sign to the Smallest House but it was in the opposite direction and it was beginning to drizzle. Maybe next time.

Adele said...

You have to go to the smallest house, and duck! You just look out for the 'Welsh Lady' standing outside...I had to dress up like that for school on St David's Day as a kid, great.