Sunday, May 13, 2007

Soggy Old Boot

A nice photo sent by Rick Cox from Cardiff where he has kindly allowed me some space in a glass cabinet in the foyer of the Art College he works in. These are some of the "handy postcards" that I was sent several years ago which was the forerunner
of the "feet shaped postcards" project I am doing at the moment.

I can't belive that nearly a week has flown by since my last bloggage here. Where does the time go? I have been occupied with making pages for various books and booklets just lately. None of which are particularly inspired or inventive but they have made me think about putting pages together asgain after a break of a few months. One is a adaption of an assembling 'zine I used to do where I compiled a limited edition from pages sent to me through the post. This time though I've made all the pages myself. I'd forgotten how labour intensive the whole process is! Also the ink cartridge has run out of yellow so forced to used up the red and blue now. I hate waste!

Today we went to boot sale as the morning was sunny. It was over at Hartford High school, a few miles away. It wasn't as busy as it usually is mainly becasue of the threat of rain. Sure enough it did get cloudy and rained in the afternoon. I dint find much just a PC game which makes the computer crash and freeze up. Well it is the 13th today! Hazel did well- a bit pile of rusty tools including a fold up file? and some gouges and calipers etc. Archie was pleased with is 3 Red Dwarf videos for 50p each.

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