Sunday, May 06, 2007

Over And Over Again

This gives you some idea of what a boot sale on a cloudy May day looks like though the sun did come out briefly whilst we were there. Found this film at YouTube as I hadn't time to take any photos or make my own. Its Soft Cell doing the background music. I didnt find much today despite looking through piles of old records. I got two old encyclopedias from the 30's with some nice colour plates that I will use for collage purposes. They are two badly damaged to keep whole and we have similar in better condition. Hazel got a pile of stuff - pins, needles, packets, a bowl from a cruise ship, a wooden stool etc. She went back later with her sisters and Mom. They got loads of knick-knacks. I suggested they join Knick-Knacks Anonymous as they have so many now theat they have no room for any more!

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