Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Here's Archie in the garden showing us his diablo skills. It's the half term holiday so lots of time for things like this when the sun is shining. Thankfully it did this afternoon. We also walked into town and got the bus back . Archie insisted and I was happy to oblige as my back still ached a little. It ached a lot when I first woke up at 5-30am but eased off gradually throughout the day. I am trying to keep my computer use to a minimum - no more than 30 minutes at a time.
In town I saw Treena in the charity shop and had a quick chat whilst Archie was in the pet shop laughing at the hamsters and gerbils. Treena says she has three blogs now and you can find links to them all at Whole Caboodle.

Archie borrowed The Raconteurs CD from the library to put on his iPod. There was a book sale but didn't find much, just a DVD of a daft film called "Churchill- The Hollywood Years" made by the Comic Strip people. I watched about 30 minutes of it this afternoon and that was enough for me!
We also bought some frozen peas , bread and milk from Iceland. At the fresh fish shop I bought a small peice of smoked cod to make a fish pie that we just ate for our dinner. Yum!

No post again today. Jim in Basingstoke said he sent a packet of CD's recently and they havent arrived yet. The new postman has an annoying habit of throwing things on the front step in public view so I hope they haven't been filched by some little thief.

Archie has been trying to get back into some animation but just managed to draw some backgrounds today. It's a start.
The Cornerhouse want another for a project they are doing but I don't think he'll get round to it what with all his other commitments - the snails, the piano, making mazes for wilf, guitar, the snails, diablo and let's not forget the snails!

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