Saturday, June 17, 2006

Interactive sticky city

Just back from Manchester where we stayed the night in a noisy hotel right on one of the busiest roads. Last time we managed to get a quieter room at the rear but through some mix up got the noisiest. Had to send down for some ear plugs. Earlier I travelled up on the train with Archie in the afternoon after school and met Hazel in the studios. Nice to see some old freinds there too. It soon filled up though and was bursting at the seams later and very hot and humid. Nice to get outside to see the gypsy caravan which was one exhibit a student brought along to display her video installation ( about gypsies). She was from a gypsy family so knew all about it. Even two lurchers dozing by the camp fire.
Some interesting work as usual and nice to put faces to the names Hazel often has told us about over the year. Musical background music was provied by a small brass band upstairs, in one corner of the studio and ousdie a gypsy violinist valiantly played despite being overwhelmed by the sound of the brass.
After breakfast at a vegetarian cafe this morning we went and looked round the rest of the shows comprising the many arts courses at the MMU- foundation, sculpture, 3D design, emboidery, animation and illustration. Archie and I soon flagged and by lunchtime we went home. Hazel was looking after the exhibition so had to stay until 4 o'clock.
It was nice to get home to our nice cool house after the hot and stuffy train.


Jonathan said...

When are we going to see more detailed pics of Hazel's exhibition???

michael said...

My camera isnt good for close-ups Jonathan so I'll leave that to Hazel to do. Maybe some more on Flickr soon.