Thursday, June 15, 2006

Fussball Crazy!

It's what all the footballers wives were wearing back in the 50's. Tattoos that looked like varocose veins were all the rage back then, as indeed they are now, or at least a nasty bruise.
Sorry for letting this blog slide a bit - where did the week go? Two thirds through the first nail biting stage of the World Cup. We look like rubbish but manage to keep winning. I'm sure our luck won't last much longer, especially against teams like Spain and Brazil.
Last weeks boot sale was quite good with a batch of new vinyl. One over at Swapatorium and several at Boot Sale Sounds. Hazel got some crochet hooks and a shoe stretchers which you can find HERE. Archie got a big bag of annuals including Topper and The Broons. Also a great racing game for PS2 where you can win money and add bits to your car to make it go faster ( like wheels).
It's been very hot and humid but cooler now thankfully. It was even hot enough for a bar-b-Q outside and some lovely burnt vege sausages and smokey kebabs. The trouble is everyone else is outside too so it.s been very noisy at night with a firework display at one in the morning when England won their first game which was annoying. It's hard enough to get any sleep when the weather is so muggy. Also we have a birds nest just outside the bedroom window and they squawk away from sunrise to sunset.
What else have we done? Archie went to the Science Museum at Runcorn or Warrington? today with the school. He seemed to enjoy it and bought home a clock that runs on water and some Flubber.
We went to the open evening at the school a week ago and Archie got a good report from nearly everybody so pleased about that. Last night went to Dance Fusion evening where all the children did a dance of one kind or another. 20 of the kids in Archies class didn't turn up so only six of them doing a groovy hip-hop jazz beat tango type thing. Phew! It was hot in that school hall. I was gasping for a drink by the end of the evening. Pretty good standard of dance though and even the chubbier pupils had a go and threw themselves into it.


Roger Stevens said...

And what happens when we play Argentina? Six goals today - phew!!!

Jonathan said...

Chubby kids dancing, like a car wreck... you can't look away...