Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Rainy Day in Crewe

Just back from Crewe where we dived into shops trying to stay out of the rain. Luckily it stopped after a while and the sun even came out. Most of the flea market was under cover so able to get a few bargains including some old postcards and photos from a nice old couple who were selling them for 10p each. Hazel bought 60 and I only got 21 but wish I'd gone back for more. I expect some will turn up on Flickr later on today or tomorrow. Also found some cheap DVD's of Laurel & Hardy films in the Pound Shop including Flying Deuces and Toyland.
Archie bought himself some Lego. Archie missed breakfast this morning so had a cheese pasty from the bakers. When we got home I assumed he'd had enough and so didn't cook him a veg. burger and he was most upset that I'd left him out! I'd forgotten he was a growing lad!

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