Friday, April 07, 2006

Move It

Lots of moving going on this week. Our good friend Art Nahpro is moving down in Sussex to a lovely house , deep in the countryside. Also our neighbours Andrew, Sara and their two kids are moving to a bigger house in a nearby village. Hazel volunteered her box packing services and helped out yesterday. I did my bit by going to the chippy round the corner for the lunch which we ate at our place. The new neighbours have moved in now and confusing us by having a blue car each which will clash horribly with all the other blue cars in the street - we won't know who's is who's if anybody asks to move them etc.!
Archie is happy now he has broken up for Easter and has two weeks to continue with his latest animation for Easter project from the Cornerhouse. He had to choose a song in a list of new bands from Manchester. Its looking great so far but can't tell you much about it yet.
Hazel is aching all over from her box packing today. She's been in the workshop again - finishing off some work for this exhibition at the MMU.
I've been doing some collages for Scrapiteria ( one above) for the new theme of Stars at Home.


Big Al said...

Guy Mitchell at home! Wonderful.
Love this oe Michael. I like the art on the wall

Big Al said...

oe?? This Oe??

hazel said...

You've been doing too much text messaging Al! Thanks for the nice comment. Much appreciated.