Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Sinister Dexter

Just back from a walk round Chester listening to parties of schoolkids shouting the above and similar, being led by a centurion in all the roman gear - looking very serious.
Got some scratchy DVD's of old Hitchcock films like Rear Window, The Birds, etc. for 25p each from the pound shop. If only one of them is viewable it will be worth it.
Archie got some new clobber- pumps.jeans etc. Hazel popped into Morgans but didnt get anything. the jacket she tried on didnt look all that good having strange bulges and creases. Perhaps that is the new style but paying all that money you expect something to be better tailored.
Had our veg sausage rolls and coke in the roman gardens surrounded by kids and harrassed looking teachers.
It was quite warm so glad to get bus back to the park and drive carpark and home again.

My cut finger is a bit better. I changed the bandage and made it bleed again. Still, it looks a bit less grubby now.
A tailess cat was wandering up and down the garden this morning mewling pitifully. He sat in the tree house and bared his teeth at Archie so he kept his distance the mouse was seen soon afterwards flitting backwards and forwards from the shed after some bird leavings.
Plenty of bird leavings on the car too which is parked right under the telephone wires where the sparrows perch!


Roger Stevens said...

blooming bird leavings

wastedpapiers said...

Indeed Roger. Blooming birds! Blooming cats! Blooming flowers!