Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathering Sunday

Popped up the co-op to get Sunday papers and bread. Hazel and Archie eventually got up - tired after yesterdays expedition. Archie made me a nice pop-up card and gave me a T-shirt I picked out on Friday.
We went to Granma's and Audrey's for fish and chips for lunch. A late birthday treat- trifle, cake and playing with the knitted puppets she had made fro the church fair. She sold none which was very sad as they were very cheap and took her ages to do. Archie offered to buy this policeman off her be was given it as a present. Audrey seemed most upset that we found its knitted contortions most hilarious!
Puppets are supposed to be funny aren't they?
Watched a flock of mad starlings descended on the remains of the fish and chips and hoovered them up in a twinkling.


scrapatorium said...

Hope you had a lovely Father's Day!

I love the puppet!! (The video is funny, too.) I can't believe no one bought any!

Stephen Drennan said...

Hi Michael - was just wondering if you're able to locate the name of the chap who compiled that mail art-style Grime tape in the '90s to which you contributed, of strands of found cassette ... ? I have the related info sheet but never got the tape, oddly, and now have misfiled it ! Hope to track down the compiler to see - long shot ! - if I can get a copy; rejigging my collection and trying to make it more a cabinet of curiosities rather than an accumulation, as I've so much stuff !! Still have your Postage tape which I like a lot !! or if you can help ! Thanks...

wastedpapiers said...

Sorry for lack of replies to lots of these messages. Blogger's fault for not alerting me!

Thanks A. I must get round to making more funny videos. Audrey gives most of her knitting away. She enjoys doing it - keeps her busy!

Sorry Stephen- no idea who did the GRIME ta;pe. I must add it to my new weird tapes blog.