Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sunshine Superbags

Green bags of plants. Bags of of greenery from Marbury Nursery they am. Archie bought another insectiverous plant called Audrey 3 to go on his bedroon windowsill with Audrey 2. Hazel bought a carnation or a pink? It was too hot to walk far and anyway I'd walked miles this morning before anyone had got up to find the boot sale we'd seen advertised but it wasn't . So my legs and back ached a bit. Trying to keep away from the computer but here I am - green bags and spam.
Marbury was packed. Archie has decided to call his new plant Neville for some reason.
It's nice to come back to a cool house though Hazel was alarmed to find some damp behind the TV in the back room. The damp collecting doodad was full up. The skirting board was discoloured with water coming from somewhere. Hazel moved all the ivy and weeds from the wall outside to see if theat would make a difference. I painted the wall after it had been cleared of cobwebs and grot.

We are thinking of having a bar-b-q later and eat outside.
We went to book sale earlier at an old Methodist chapel over at Antrobus. It was quite hard to find but luckily found it eventually after spotting a flapping hand drawn poster tacked to a telephone pole. The booksellers were a friendly bunch and were selling plants, tea and cakes too but the place wiffed a bit of urine or drains or something unpleasant! We grabbed a few likely tomes and left. Archie got a book of Dilbert cartoons and Hazel found a book by Tim Holt. I found an old childrens illustrated dictionary to collage. I've got it already and used quite few snippings including a dog for the cover of John Hegley's "Beyond Our Kennel" about 10 years ago.


Anonymous said...

Urgh damp. We've got a mysterious musty smell in our bedroom and daren't inspect too much for fear of what we might find :( An ioniser has been ordered to see if it'll help (and combat the sneezing).

Suppose it's not a surprise to have a bit of damp after all that rain.

Adele x

wastedpapiers said...

HAzel said..thats the trouble with old houses...there is always something....not sure where this damp is coming from.....those moisture absorbers from Woolies are good in cupboards I find.