Thursday, August 09, 2007

No Brains

Hazel found a bunch of these old cards at Crewe flea market yesterday and has been collaging some silly speak bubbles on them for the holidays. We picked up Audrey from town where she had delivered her precious Nissan Micra for it's yearly MOT and drove to Crewe for the morning. I didn't find much, not even any postcards. It was sunny though and I enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the market. Hazel found some nice old gramaphone needles in a pretty tin she gave me. I expect they will turn up on her blog soon.

Today Archie has gone to the beach with his chum James and his Mum. We are jealous! Hazel is sulking in the workshop- making those collages and pondering her work. I have been to town and back. I found some more bargains in the library sale. Status Quo's Greatest Hits and anothert which name escapes me for the moment. Der! Also a book for Archie by one of his favourite authors Morris Gleitzman about a worm.


Roger Stevens said...

Still in France. Just a week left. The weather's been disappointing. You can usually rely on continuous hot sunshine this far south.

I've hit a productive streak though, and am finishing my "grown-up" novel that I wrote the first half of here in France last year. It's charging ahead and all I seem to be doing is hanging on to its horns to give it a little direction.

Hazel's pressy has been sitting in the car for several days now. We really will try and remember to post it this morning.

Yes, I bet you'd love to be on the beach right now paddling in pools and making sand castles.

Mind you, so would we.

Did you send Poems in Space to Sylvia yet?

French hugs...

wastedpapiers said...

Ditto. But in North Wales- could have been worse- at least no hurricanes and floods but lots of showers where we dived into amusement arcades to roll pennies down chutes and slots onto the piles of pennies below and nudge them into the hole where they emerged with pleasing tinkle.
It got to be quite compulsive!

Thankfully we also went elsewhere. Blog update due when I get my photos sorted.

Glad you have been inspired to write more- not a wasted time then. we did our share of sand castle battering and archie did venture in for a dip- brave lad!

Yes, Syl and Jon got book o.k.