Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More Holiday Snaps

Here's another shot of Llandudno pier and the Little Orme in the distance. Hazel and Archie are looking for crabs and money in the rock pools. Archie was in the habit of dropping coins from the pier into the sea below and making a wish.
The rocks were covered in limpets and slimy stuff. Tiny crabs but no big ones. A family of oriental looking chaps were collecting the mussels that were plentiful and filling big plastic bags. They either had a resturant or were very hungry!

We went to Portmeirion on the Sunday which was about 50 miles away on the western coast of Wales on the mouth of a big and very beautiful estuary. Mind you, the sands were quite trecherous as there were notices warning of "Quick Sand" and sudden tides and devious currents.
The italianate village is very pretty despite all the tourists (like us!) and the dreaded "Gift Shop" in abundance. The Prisoner was made there in the 60's. There was even a shop dedicated to Prisoner related gifts. Patrick McGoohan tea towls and "I AM NOt A NUmber!" T-shirts and badges etc. But we didn't buy anything- just a few postcards. Archie bought some Patrick McGoohan fudge.

Portmerion was built by Clough Williams-Ellis in 1926 and was added to throughout his life until 1976. All the buildings are listed and some are holiday homes for the wealthy (rooms are over 200 quid a night!) .To discover more about Portmerion go HERE.

Below Hazel and Archie are resting before walking down through the village to the shore and river walk. We had sandwiches and crisps and sat by a weird boat made of concrete that looked out over the hills and valleys beyond the estuary. There are also some cliff top gardens to explore but we never got round to those - too many steps!

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