Friday, August 03, 2007

Memories Are Made Of This

This is a few clips from various cameras from various trips and days out. Archie is playing the musical backing on his Maholo uke.
This morning I walked to town for exercise more than anything. I went round the charity shops but didnt find much. A DVD for 99p of a Japanese ? film described as a cross bewteen The Sound Of Music and Dawn OF The Dead which intrigued me! All for 99p. Also posted a pile of mail at the post office. The sunn was out and it was quite warm but now has clouded over again. Hazel is still recovering from yesterday's driving. She's gone back to bed for a nap. Archie has just got up and is feeding Wilf. Nice mail from PLG (three items ) and the Temporary Museum in Germany.


Roger Stevens said...


didn't get the sound though

liked archie's impersonation of an old sweep's bellows.

very good.

BTW will you send sylvia her Poems in Space. It would be nice to put one of the tracks on your blog. I'd put it on mine but I don't have the technocology for it.

wastedpapiers said...

Strange that you didn;t get the sound Roger- maybe a French thing. Yes, I will send Syl her copy.

No technocoglogy involved in putting tracks onto blogs -just uplaod track via Send Space or one of those easy peasy file uplaoding doodads. I will do it though if you like.