Sunday, July 01, 2007

More Flippin' Rain!

More rain! It can't go on for much longer surely?
So no boot sales today - no walks to feed ducks - no drives out into the country. We stayed in to read the Sunday times and depressing news of floods and bombs and burning cars. Some of it sounds like a rejected script from Hot Fuzz. It would be laughable if it wasn't so awful.

Hazel and Archie have been tidying some drawers ( so it's come to this! ) and found some junk ( quel surprise! ) and old stuff we'd forgotten about , like this old drawing that Archie did way back when he was two or three. It was on a packet he'd made with jigsaw pieces inside that he'd drawn and cut up - similar to the drawing here but larger.
After lunch watched some of "That's Entertainment", a compilation of old film clips introduced by the likes of Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, Donlad O'Connor etc. which was very err... entertaining- the old MGM musicals- Busby Berkley, Fred and Ginger, etc. terrific stuff. Real Sunday afternoon fare- reminded me of my youth when we had roast beef and two veg. and listened to Billy Cotton Band Show on the wireless and then settled down to some creaky old film - usually an MGM musical or Alan Ladd or Robert Mitchum noirish thriller in black and white on a tiny 12 inch screen. Needless to say it would be raining. Later would come the torture of Sing Something Simple or the Black & White Minstrels!


Roger Stevens said...

I was going to send you a parcle. But I gather from your last blog that you're not particularly partial to them.

So I'll send you a parcel instead. Probably not a soggy one.

Yes, we live here pretty much full-time now. Still haven't sold Sidegate yet though.

Boo hoo.

wastedpapiers said...

You'll have to send us your new address Roger then I can send you these Poems In Space. Did you ever put that film Archie did of our visit onto a disc? WE'd like to see it one day.

Most of our mail tends to be soggy just lately - this new postie likes to throw things onto the doorstep from some distance- I think he's in training for the Postman's Decathlon. Other events are Putting The Postcard, The Letter Lob and the Large Envelope Scrunch.

Jon said...

ditto ditto ditto.

we gave up feeling guilty for staying inside. the brief bursts of sunshine didn't even give us time to get our coats on before the clouds came over again....