Sunday, July 08, 2007

Buggy Sunday

No excuses for uploading two more photos taken in the wonderful Insect Circus Museum we saw yesterday ( see yesterdays posting ). It's still very much in our memory. Today the rain held off thankfully so we could get to two boot sales - the first In Verdin Park and the other in Weaverham. Both very well attended much to our surprise. Got a few frames for collages and some silly games. Hazel found a box of small Toronto torch bulbs and a big tube of rusty welding rods. We bumped into Treena and her sister at the Weaverham High School boot- she was selling baby clothes and old toys etc. We saw her again later and she'd just found a great book about postman who had been given a camera to take snaps of their round which looked interesting. Sounds like a nice project. I remember a similar mail art one where a disposable camera or two were sent round to different mail artists and they had to take one photo and pass it on. Some blurry black and white images turned up some years later I think. One of those cases where the idea is a lot stronger than the end result!

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