Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Liverpool Trip

Hada nice day out in Liverpool today. Got the train from Hartford which goes through Runcorn and other exotic places - takes about 35 mins. First to the Richard Wilson ( not the actor from "One Foot In The Grave" ) revolving building down some side street, miles from anywhere. Not quite as impressive as his room full of sump oil but quite amazing bit of engineering. The circle of facade takes about 4 minutes to rotate fully and makes a satisfying "clunk" every now and then. We watched it for about 15 minutes and took some film and photographs - a few others did too.

Then to find the Bluecoat gallery but it was closed so we went to the Tate to see the excellent Peter Blake retrospective. Lovely to see all the early work and collages. Not too keen on the Ruralists phase and the paintings done from his spell in the National Gallery. The POP ART was great though and good to see again the Toy Shop and LOve Wall and so forth. Downstairs was a show of Liverpool artists through the ages which was interesting- Adrian Henri and Fred Fasackerly etc. Hazel bought a nice book of Russian home -made objects in the book shop and we all got a Blake target badge each.

WE got tired of the endless walls of ART and went and had out picnic on the front by the Mersey- lashed by the winds and dodging the seagulls and pigeons.

Found out where the other Bluecoat gallery was ( seems there are about 4 which is very confusing! ) but the exhibition of Wunderkammer wasn't on yet much to our annoyance as we got the invite some weeks ago and assumed it had started.

Then to GAP to get some togs and then home- out feet throbbing on the hot Liverpudlian pavements.


Roger Stevens said...

That sure is an interesting building. We've a building near us that actually rotates on its vertical axis. very weird. Another another two buildings that toss cricket balls at one another.

Artists eh? Whatever will they think of next?

wastedpapiers said...

Pull the other one - it's got bells on! Never really understood that saying. Other what?
Artists make the world a funner place, as those wacky Americans might say. If only they could make all this water look more attractive in some way?