Friday, May 25, 2007

It's Catching!

The back pain has been easing off daily but today it came back with a vengeance - getting out of bed I had a terrible spasm which felt like a red hot knife being stuck into me! Ouch! Thankfully another hot compress and paracetamol have made it subside but not sure for how long. Hazel has now "caught" my back pain in her hip as she bent over to pick up the watering can it went and she's hobbly around like me now! Poor Archie thinks he's got the worst cranky parents ever! Creaky parents more like!

Today started out with the gas man coming to fix the washing machine - which he did in no time thankfully so at least we can wash the great heap of clothes thats been piling up. The "brushes" had gone apparently- Hazel said they looked like big graphite pencils and they just wear away from friction over time. Also Hazel fixed the vacuum cleaner with some newly washed filters - it had been sluggish for quite a while. So at least two mechanical thin gs are working again even if we're not!


Roger Stevens said...

Sorry to hear about your back. Bad backs are the worst thing.

We go to the chiropractor. She's brilliant. Have you tried that?

Also you should alternate hot with cold. A bag of frozen peas does the trick.

In France right now and lunch is ready. They want me to move from the table - just so's everone can eat.

Incroyable. N'est-ce pas?

wastedpapiers said...

We dont have any frozen peas will a pack of mini yorkshire puds do?

The back is still a bit painful as is Hazel's hip but getting better each day.Waking up and getting out of bed is the worsed bist as you tend to seize up during the night!

Taking it easy-pottering about and watching the telly. Just watched The Station Agent which was o.k. but deadly dull. If I had to choose a good film about trains it would be Oh Mr. Porter or that Buster Keaton one "The General".

wastedpapiers said...

That should be "worst". My spelling is atroshus!

treena said...

get better soon both of you!! Glad you visit my blogs i taking my inspiration from you, although I dont want to get creaky just yet!!! Did you ever get the paper plate I sent you?

Roger Stevens said...


Another windy, rainy day in France. Home tomorrow and back to work. A really heavy schedule for June.

It's five to eleven here - and Jilly's still in bed.

Oh Mr Porter. Is that the Will Hay one? fantastic film.

Cold peas!!! Or sweetcorn.

Meanwhile - have you come across this band before? It's fabulous.


wastedpapiers said...

Hi treena- yes we got TWO paper plates from you that managed to detatch themselves as they hit the doorstep. Thanks!

That's right Roger- the Will Hay film. Thanks for the Zimmers link. Put the Who and the Rolling Stones in a room together and they would look very similar to this lot!

wastedpapiers said...

HAzel said...good for Jilly...have a lovely lie in...its even better when its raining as you don't think you are missing a lovely day.....snooze
Spent most of this weekend trying to get off chairs..then walking around trying not to sit down so I don't have to try and get off them again..
Life just gets so excting as you get older doesn't it!!?

Jon said...

my osteopath worked wonders when I was having a stressed back, and it's been much better since.

Hope you sort it.

wastedpapiers said...

If my back continues to give me "gyp" I shall have to consult an osteopath. Hopefully it will get better by itself as it has done in the past. It seems to be taking longer this time though - still waking up very achey and it takes a while to get any movement back without feeling creaky and stressed.

asmallprincess said...

I would suggest the osteopath too - I think they are magic. I like the way that they look at the whole person - you might find that your recent poorliness has caused stress in your back. They are like body detectives.

Hope it gets better soon, there's nothing worse.

A&E&e xxx