Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday On My Mind

My mind is aglow with whirling nodes of transient thought. Shame I can't think of anything exciting to write about! A few days of collaging, blogging, shopping and suchlike.
Another glorious sunny and warm day yesterday but today is cooler. We went to town on Wednesday and did some shopping. I'll have to consult my dairy to see what I bought as I can't remember. It couldn't have been anything much good!

No, it was just the local paper. I sanded down the bottom of the front door and applied some candle wax to stop it's scraping. It's been driving us mad for months now. It's so much better and quieter- we should have done it ages ago!

Today another walk for exercise . Found a CD of some old BBC Radio comedy. Mail included two more "feet" and CD's from Jim in Basingstoke who phoned me yesterday to say he's send them.

Some very nostalgic smells today though not sure what or why. For some reason they reminded me of my childhood. They came and went in a fraction of a second. I tried to think what they reminded me of but no luck.

The above collage or copy of a collage is from the 80's when I first got into mail art. I used to writers on the back of it, and similar concoctions and send them to people.


treena said...

I too smelt those smells on that same day. I put it down to the direction of the wind, people BBQ ing odd food in the middle of the day and the council cutting of grass! Ive only just learnt about comments on blogs, i didnt know you could do that till I read yours on mine!!! Sorting office seems to be avoiding me, Im still hassling them!

wastedpapiers said...

Yes, grass mowings and tarmac are good for nostalgic ponderings. This was something else though -old shops? sweet counters?

Has the sorting office moved then? Sounds a bit drastic just to avoid you! I must sort out some mail art. Keep on hassling!