Monday, May 21, 2007


Besides all the scratchy novelty records I also buy other stuff at boot sales and here is a typical example of some tatty ephemera that took my fancy yesterday at Weaverham. All this for a pound! Hazel bought some metal padlocks and keys from the sam chap who obviously was desperate to go home with a lighter load in his car. The "Dingbats Dominoes" are quite fun - you have to match up the silly clowns faces - Blanky, Mac, Mick, Tim, Binky, Spanky and Bimpo!

The "Rhymo Dominoes" are similar - made by Pepys and you have to make up rhymes with the objects on the tiles. So Rat would go with Cat and Clock with Rock etc. I can't see why it never caught on in a big way!
Also thrown into the bundle were these farmyard cards with delightful illustrations of chickens, cockerals, cows, pigs etc.

Hazel got a few other things inclding a wire plate hanger on its original card that I found. I expect it will turn up on her blog soon. She also found a pile of old "Hobby" magazines from the 50's and early 60's which are great and full of useful gew-gaws to make from ply wood.
Archie didnt get anything. Audrey came too and got a few nick-nacks.
In the afternoon we went to another at a church in Lostock but there were only a few cars and it was a bit quiet. Archie bought a diabolo as he'd lost the other up a tree or in a neighbour's garden.

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