Thursday, May 31, 2007

Achey Breaky Art

getting desperate for images to use in blogs. This is from the pile of old 1950's 60's "Hobbies" magazines that Hazel bought recently. How to make a guitar from a cereal packet and bus tickets.
Booked in at the local chiropractor just down the road. Still achey in the mornings and yesterday after a walk round town I felt worn out. Went to the library sale again- got a DVD of the "Weeping Camel" a film about a tribe of nomads in Mongolia.
Then to Aldi for the weekly shop as we were right out of gherkins and cheesy wotsits.

I can't blog for too long as my back starts to ache again so keeping computer sessions to a minimum.


treena said...

the weeping camel is one of my most favourite films, it made me cry. i know it takes patience to watch it but it is so beautiful. hope you feeling better soon. i have been given the go ahead for the sorting office exhibition, so we need to get together soon before they change their mind. this week i can pop round?

wastedpapiers said...

O.K.treena. Pop over anytime. Good that the sorting office is sorted!