Monday, June 26, 2006

Where did the weekend go?

Here we are on Monday and I'm desperatley trying to remember what we did over the weekend. No boot sales alas but I did venture into town on Saturday for my usual mooch round the charity shops. I only found a video of Night Mail and Terminus- two great documentaries from the 30's and early 60's respectively.
Night Mail made in 1936 is about the London to Scotland Postal Special which is no longer in use, hauled by the mighty "Seaforth Highlander" engine. The train carried no passengers but was manned by Post Office workers who sorted the mail onboard as it sped through english and scottish countryside. It features W.H. Auden reading "Night Mail" , a poem which is inspired by such a journey. The music is by Benjemen Britten and the film is directed by Basil Wright and Harry Watt under the auspices of John Grierson.
The second film from 1961 is a documentary about the day in the life of Waterloo station by the young John Schlesinger who went on to make "A Kind Of Loving" a year later.

O yes, Hazel just reminded me- we did more cleaning and watched the football ( England beat Equador 2-0) and Archie went to seaside with James and his Mom ( Norht Wales) and the following day more cleaning and furniture moving at Granma's house as she's having some decorating done. Stripped some wallpaper. Hazel has done her back in , lifting heavy settee's etc. so has had today off work and missed the magical misery tour.

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