Monday, June 05, 2006

Classic Cars In The Park

Archie and old van
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Yesterday we went over to Tatton Park for the Classic Car rally. It was Hazel's idea really. We went a few years ago and enjoyed it but didn't have a digital camera at the time so nice to be able to take a few snaps of the junk that piles up in all corners of the fields there. They call it Auto Jumble and it really is! See more at FLICKR.
We had a nice picnic next to the car and went back again to look at all the old vans ( see above) and tanks, motorbikes, pink cadillacs, gypsy caravans, squirty daisy, crooked house, reliant robin, austin healey, rolls royce, jaguar, dogs of every description, ice creams, etc. etc. So much to look at. It gave me a headache. Maybe that was just the sun.
Anyway, glad to get home in into out nice cool house for a cuppa.
We did buy a few things. Archie got a telescopic magnet pen ( very useful for picking up small change) and a telescopic mirror on a stick ( for goodness knows what!). I got a bag of reject sticky tape. Some had the glue the wrong side! Hazel got some plants. All the "antique" car parts and oddments were hideously expensive. Hazel had her eye on a John Bull Puncture Repair Kit dispenser but it was twenty smackers. The sort of thing she'd buy at a car boot for a pound. Not that you ever see them, but you never know!

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