Monday, April 10, 2006

Roman about in Chester

Archie wasnt keen to go to Manchester with Hazel as she was busy with her exhibition and so we went to Chester instead , by train,which I was surprised by as he knows I like to traipse round all the charity shops and Archie hates that! We did have a nice walk down by the river though and a picnic lunch on a bench by the Roman gardens. Later we climbed up past the ruins and the reconstruction of the under floor heating to see the remains of the colloseum which looked more like a badly designed roundabout and gravel pit. Then along the city wall to the cathedral and back to the town centre. We took a few photos which can be found at Flickr. Didn't find many bargains though Archie did find a book of hundreds of different chords for the guitar - one per page. He also bought an expensive Futurama comic to read on the train - which took about 10 minutes.


Roger Stevens said...

That was a quick train!

I'd recommend Hereford Cathedral for a wander about - especially the Mappus Mundi.

michael said...

The train took about 30 minutes but the comic took about 10 minutes. So it's quicker to travel by comic.
Never been to Hereford. At least i don't think I have.