Sunday, April 02, 2006

Rainy Sunday Boot Sale

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The only boot sale was at Anderton in the community hall and the small field outside didn't find much just a double CD by Russ Noble - "Russ Noble Goes Global" that used to be on Radio 4 a few years back before he became a big name on the comedy scene. Hazel got some plants and a very substantial metal propelling pencil with lots of dents all over it. Archie got the bargain of the day with a stack of 10 " Horrible Histories" for 10p each. All looked brand new but smelled of cigarettes he said. Hazel took her Mom and sister later on and they got three bags of wool and nick nacks.
This afternoon we saw "Ice Age 2 " at the Regal that was fun though not quite as clever as the first one.
Then back to Granma's house for tea and biscuits and a view of their finished jigsaw. I helped Archie break it up and pack it away.


swapatorium said...

Love that card M!

michael said...

Thanks Angelica. I made a whole stack one day to send to some awful greetings card company when I was in a money making mood ( this doesnt happen very often!) and they all got sent back! Serves me right for being so clever. Now if I'd just used cats and puppies!

swapatorium said...

Their loss!

hazel said...

I know - I try to be philosophical about these things. Probably just as well - why would I want to churn out collages like a factory assembly line anyway. I would rather take mt time and make some good ones.