Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Little Dot We Live On

A fine sunny morning so had a pleasant walk into town early to get a few things - black face soap, nail through finger, fake blood, rubber pencil, rubber fried egg etc. The library sale came up trumps with an old Richard Thompson CD and one by Vic Chessnut for a quid each. Also a video of Bob & Margaret animated by Alison Snowden and David Fine. I always enjoyed there brand of english humour ( though David Fine is from Canada I think).
I didnt find any pound coins super-glued to the pavement this year or fake dog turds. Quite an uneventful walk really. I got some bread that had no mouse traps inside and some sticky labels for Hazel's " String Too Short For Use" badges that she's just had made by Mark Pawson for her exhibition at MMU.
We tried to trick Archie as he came down for breakfast at 11 ( he needs a good sleep ) we said that we'd eaten all the bagels. He wasnt fooled though and found them in the bread bin. He spent a very long time in the bathroom and we discovered later he'd changed over all the labels on the shampoo and soap etc. to get us back.


hazel said...

archie actually put all the shampoo in the hand wash dispenser and the handwash in the shampoo dispenser..which is an APrill fools joke that just carries on until they both run out.
Little tinker

Jonathan said...

You might want to consider how he emptied one bottle in order to make room for the other kind of soap. There must've been another vessel involved... Be very, very careful...