Sunday, April 09, 2006

Hailstones like gall-stones.

Just a bit about the boot sale today in Verdin Park. The day started well with lots of sun despite being a bit nippy. We got to the boot sale around 9 a.m. and luckily there were lots of cars and lots of junk to look through. Found some lovely old sepia photos and negatives in original "Illingworth's Film" paper wallet from the 50's I think. All for 50p. Archie got a few things too from the same stall - a letter from the Tax Office dated 1943 ( goodness knows why he wanted this?) and a nice old crinkled telegram from 1962 wishing members of Dublin branch of BLC Films a Happy Christmas!
Hazel got a few metal objects including a primitive light meter reader and brass film cannister. See them at her blog HERE.
I found a recent compilaton on the Disky label of some Bristish Comedy songs and sketch's by the likes of Frankie Howard, Norman Wisdom and Max Miller. Some I have already but others are new to me. A DVD of the "Last of the 1948 Show" with John Cleese, Marty Feldman etc. I watched a bit of it this afternoon - it was pretty awful! Still it was only 50p so that's o.k.
I tripped over a childs pushchair and nearly went flying. Pretty muddy in the park and cars had churned up the turf pretty badly. Also got a bag of Pritt Stick glue sticks for a quid which is very cheap as they cost over a pound each usually. 5 in a bag. So all in all a good mornings booting with lots of bargains. As we were driving home the rain came down, so lucky with the weather too. Later on when Hazel took her Mom and sister the heavens opened and huge hailstones pelted down and drove all the punters away.

Archie has been making good progress with his animation for the Cornerhouse. It's looking great, even though we say so ourselves. He worked on it again this afternoon and even found time to do some hoovering and cleaned the rabbit out!
Hazel took a plant over to the new neighbours and said they seemed very nice. The man of the house was laying a new floor in the conservatory.

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