Sunday, April 23, 2006

Busy Weekend

Doing what? Well, firstly a walk into town yesterday to get some toothpaste and eggs. To remember I had to keep this image of eggs being scrubbed by a toothbrush to make them shine in my head. It worked. Also got some cheap DVDs from the old newspapers - mostly "Carry On" films and some ancient sit-coms that got made into films at the hieght of their popularity like "Are You Being Served" and "The Likely Lads". They seemed mildly amusing at the time but I'm sure they will seem quite cringe worthy now! Hazel and Archie spent some time in the garden. Later we treated ourselves to a take-away curry from the "Up The Khyber" or whatever it's called over in the next village. Very nice it was too. We cooked the rice ourselves to save some money.
The boot sale today alas, was cancelled so we drove roun d the country lanes for a bit and saw two red London double decker buses! Old "Routemasters" that have juts been retired from service ( except for tourist purposes). I expect they sold them to collectors and they were off to an old vehicle fair of some sort.
We had a bag of old stale bread so stopped off at Shakerly to feed the ducks, geese and swans. Walked round the lake once and headed home for a late breakfast or was it a brunch? Hazel took the old PC to the tip in the afternoon on her way to pick up her Mom and sister to bring them back here for tea and fruit tart they had made. Also they took the oppertunity to see Archie's new animation which is completed and looks very good. Alas can't show it hear yet as its being entered for the Music festival or whatever it's called part of the Cornerhouse Film thingy in October. They also had a look at the new PC as they are thinking of getting one too.
Amused by the Vox Box that Hazel and Archie recorded for the BBC's "Politics Show". Hazel was sure they would edit her rant about "gardens and bird feeders" out but they included it and Archie's anti nuclear stance!
Granma sorted through some of Hazel's postcards she bought at Crewe last week. She collects them too and picked a few out to take home. One of my finds above.


Roger Stevens said...

There's that one brilliant moment in The Likely Lads film - where the lads (I think) are in the caravan and the girls have decided to go home early. So it's early morning. The lads are asleep as the caravan is towed through the town. It stops at a traffic lights - just as one of them gets up and goes outside.

The car and van drive off - leaving him in his pyjamas standing on the pavement.

BTW I'm serialising my attempt at a TV comedy drama on the Spilled To Bloodnessless blog.

Oh - and good luck Archie.

Oh - and pleased you remembered the eggs and toothpaste. That image will probably stay with me now forever.

hazel said...

In case you are wondering where Michael is...BT cut us off...and the amount of money we pay them..
all a mistake..but a very annoying one and makes us wonder if we should find a better braodband supplier....!!!!GRRRRRRRRRRRRR