Saturday, April 29, 2006

Back Again!

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This is me after talking to BT on the phone for 2 hours every day for the last week! Hazel phoned them again this morning when the drivers disc from BT turned up. It had a whole list of things to reconfigure before we could use it. As she was idly waiting for yet another helpline in India to arrive she typed in a variation of "user names" and one actually worked! Hooray! Magic Fingers Jones strikes again! So happily we are back online though have a great distrust for BT and still thinking about changing. But for now we its all sorted thank goodness. Its surprising how those little everyday tasks like checking emails and blogs etc. can rule your life! So glad I don't have to go to the library aagin to do it as they are tripping over one another down there and you don't feel comfortable with people next to you making snorting noises and rustling papers etc. Very distracting!
So what have wee been up to this last week besides being on the phone all the time? Well, went to town a few times but no great bargains. Borrowed "Serenity" DVD from the library that was fun if rather confusing. Makes me wonder what the failed series was like? Anybody see it? Firefly?
Have been collecting the Ealing Comedies fromm the Daily Wail (fit for rabbit bedding) everyday. A terrific free DVD everyday last week including The Ladykillers with Alec Guinness. Billy Liar with Tom Courtney etc. More next week. Sadly you can only pick them up at W.H. Smiths.
The weather hasd been great so Hazel and Archie have been outside in the garden alot. They just showed me the first crop of Rocket in a pot which tastes great and will add a zing to our salads.
A busy weekend ahead with Archie off to a birthday party tomorrow and then a boot sale. On Monday an exhibition and another boot over at Runcorn.


Roger Stevens said...

Yeah. Isn't technology fantastic?
We don't have broadband yet, out here in the country. Although there is some sort of satellite trickery you can do. But I don't trust it.

Welcome back!

michael said...

I don't blame you being wary of satellite trickery if it means changing all your settings and then having to find them all again if it all goes pearshaped, like we had to do with wireless which was a nightmare!
Broadband seems to be creeping round the barren wastes now so you might find a provider if you check.

Ruud Janssen said...

Hi Michael, I am back again on my Blog as well. New techniques as well. A new laptop with build in camera. So I can actually instantly publish things on the blog. It doesn't go any faster. With a broadband access (wireless) this actually can happen everywhere that I go......


michael said...

Hi Ruud, nice of you to drop by. Sounds like a smart peice of kit. We are still stuck with wires. Not attempting any wireless headaches for a while at least- not until it gets easier to configure!