Monday, February 06, 2006

Sunday walk.

More of a gentle stroll really. Took our old bread to Shakerley to feed the ravenous hoards. Actually the ducks weren;'t all that bothered having been fed with bread all day one suspects and floating very low in the water. The gulls were quite barmy though and swooped on dive bombed the smallest crumb and fought over the crusts like things posessed! Quite a few people out this afternoon as it was milder than of late and that biting cold wind of last week had been replaced by a gentle breeze.
Lots of odd shaped dogs and odder shaped people. Sawa red headed duck like the sort Trevor had on his stretch of canal in Stafford a few years back. It was quite notoroius for chasing people down the canal bank and tow path. It even appeared on the local television news - the quirky odd item to cheer us up after all the depressing stuff! I have it on a tape somewhere with Travor in the background trying to coax the mad duck back into the canal. He used to call it Gerald, I think? Or was it Gilbert?


Roger Stevens said...

Or Gertrude. Or Grote Thrussocks. Or Groob. Or Gilkoooonopotrinuskumviathon.

Thanks for all the postcards. I really must get some more poetry ones done for school visits. And try Boomerang again. And get our project off the ground and... and... and...

wish I had time to stroll around and feed the ducks. Still off in Moo on Saturday.


michael said...

Yes, always worth trying Boomernag. I thought they had forgotten me but seems I am still on their list.
Have fun in Devon.