Saturday, February 11, 2006

Friday on my mind

children of the coral
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I think I may have used this heading before but who cares. Its saturday anyway and another week has flown. Trying desperately to remember all that happened? Nothing earth shattering. Missed a chance of going to see Chas 'N' Dave at the Lyceum in Crewe. I had a bit of a headache and didnt really fancy it - all that jolly cockney Knees Up round the old Joanna. Tony, who did go, said it was very quiet and they had lots of chat in between songs. Not what I imagined.
More trips to town round the charity shops ofcourse. Not many bargains this week. A couple of cheap Playstation games for 25p. Also a scratchy LP of honky tonk piano by Joe "Fingers" Carr that I featured on Boot Sale Sounds blog.
Rooting around in the cassette pile also found some Max Bacon too add to which always makes me laugh everytime I hear it.
I must get a paper today as they are spoiling us with the free DVD's this weekend. Giving away "A Taste Of Honey", "Saturday Night and Sunday Morning" and " Take The Money And Run" the old Woody Allen film amongst others.
This collage is one for the new theme of Heaven & Hell at Scrapiteria.

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