Monday, September 19, 2005

Wizzle, Pizzle and Drizzle.

On a robot kick just lately and making paper robots and this new collage for Flickr iRobot group that i started. There are robot groups but they are a bit messy with all kinds of odd stuff that's not related to robots as i see them. I like the old fashioned "nuts and bolts" robots that were made into tinplate toys in the 50's and 60's. Also those rubbishy ones from old Republic and Universal serials of the 40's and 50's that I remember as a kid at Saturday Morning flicks.
I should have a few links here but it's such a faff to do. I might come back later and fit them in if i have time. A little robot that would do it all for me would be a great idea. I'll make one out of this old cereal packet and some sticky backed plastic!
yesterday was a bit of a wash-out bootsale wise. There were few stalls but mostly full of old toys and not ONE robot amongst them!
Not even any records for Boot sale Sounds blog. There I did one.
Hazel and Archie cycled over to the organic farm shop to buy some eggs later on when the drizzle stopped. It's a lovely ride up a country lane and not far from us. She said the vegetables looked "a bit sad" so she didn't buy any. Big frowns on the potatoes? They bought a tea and ice cream and sat looking out over the valley and the little church beyond. I should go too but my bike still has a puncture from about two years ago and the inner tubes need replacing. I prefer to walk anyway.
Archie is off to the opera in Nantwich today. Its a special school trip. he can wear what he likes and is to take a packed lunch. I have strict orders not to put cream cheese and lettuce in the sandwiches!
Its Hazels first day back at college and the joys of moulding those new recruits into the creative folk of the future.
The sun is shining so I'm walking into town to get some shopping and see what the charity shops have added over the weekend.


swapatorium said...

Wonderful collage! Your new robot group sounds fantastic.

Roger Stevens said...

How was Hazel's motivational session?

There's a couple of nice robot drawings in my new book for younger children. Now, who drew them? Oh, you did!

Lovely weather here today. I'm back in a jumper now the weather's cooler. Except this morning was hot and sunny. While I was waiting for the car to be M.O.T.ed I went for a stroll into Hastings. Passed a dentist's called Toad Hall.

I wondered if it had that name for children. But today's children probably wouldn't know it. Maybe it should have been called Hogworts. Or is that Hogwarts? I'm never sure.

michael said...

Thanks Angelica. It was rather a spur of the moment thing. I havent time for administrating another group really and I'm the only one who seems to be posting to it!
Hi Roger old bean- nice of you to drop by. Yes, Hazel said that the ben Zander chap was very good and he had the Liverpool Philomonic there too to entertain them all. ~He's also the conductor of the Boston Philomonci or similar kinda thing. She bought his book called The ARt Of Being A Clever Clogs or somehting similar.
I expect that dentists assistants are Ratty and Molars.
I'm back in a jumper too. Its one of those thats been washed so many times the sleeves are almost down to my ankles and you have to roll them up to wrist height.
Archie has just sshown me the letter to the tooth fairty. He did a drawing of her shaped like a tooth. His tooth looks abit like a white pebble under the sellotape. i think he's hoping for extra payment for a nice letter. the mercenary little tinker.

michael said...

O yes, I remember the robot drawings. Glad they will see the light of day at last. I look forward to seeing the book when its published?