Thursday, September 15, 2005

Mail artist at work.

Mail artist at work. 1992.
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Here I am in 1992 surrounded by our clutter in Lambeth Walk. We used to clear the table to have meals in those days! I have a room of my own now which looks very similar if slightly smaller. At least i don't have to clear the table every five minutes. probabaly why its in such a state!
A proper photographer, Roger Birch, took this photo and several others (see Flickr) for an obscure book published by the British American Arts Association called "The Artist In The Changing City". The photo they used was a much nicer one of Hazel and me holding Archie, who must have been a few months old at the time.
I walked in to town and back yesterday and popped in the usual shops, the post office, the bank etc. Asked in the library about Ben Zander? that Hazel wanted to know about. She's going to a talk by him in Liverpool tomorrow. He is one of them motivational speakers apparently but it's all about being creative. She thought it might help her teaching.
I got a couple of cheap DVD's including Master and Commander. The woman in the charity shop asked if we had surround sound and I said no. Oh, that's good she said because she watched it at her brothers house and all you could hear was "BOOM!' and "BANG!" etc.
Found a nice website that has dozens of paper robots to print out and make up. I made one in the afternoon. It looks great. I started a robot group on Flickr on the strength of it. I might make another later though our printer seems a bit low on the yellow ink.


Diceman said...

What do you mean who wants cheesy buttons????

Everyone in their right mind I would say....would give a whole new take on the edible pants phenomena with a somewhat positive twist for those who are embracing of everything dairy. Its a gap in the market and I believe Dairylea would be the best people to tap it...or even Babybel!

michael said...

I've not really thought it through like you have diceman. I think you could be onto something there!

scrapatorium said...

Wow, what a great photo! I could spend hours looking at your walls!

Cheese buttons would never work in Houston unless you like melted goop all over your trousers.

michael said...

Our walls aren't quite so encrusted as this now but my workroom is getting that way. Visitors back then were always rather dumbstruck by all the visual stimulus!

Jonathan said...

Hell, I was dumbstruck long before I got there...

michael said...

Thanks Jonathan - it seems a long time ago now. I pitied the poor Bulgarians who moved in after us and had to scrape all that mail art off the walls!

J. k. N. said...

I think most photographers can relate with the messy environment, but hey it's all part of an intricate system that only the owner can understand.

I like the Obscure stuff.

michael said...

Well I like to pretend I know where everything is!
Thanks for the comment J.C.K. I enjoyed a quick tour of your blog. Nice b & w photos.,and videos. I keep meaning to make more videos but our hard drive is full so need to get rid of some.

kiyotei said...

Great Photo. Amazing how organized your clutter really is. I hide mine in a closet.

Thanks for the Robot page.
I added it to my art bookmarks:

Take care!

michael said...

Thats a definition of "Clutter" I'd not heard before kiyotei! Al our cupboards are full. I daren't open any 'cos i know I'd be crushed under a aavalanche of papiers and books etc.
Thanks for the link. I will have alook.