Friday, July 15, 2005

Two plums in a crevasse.

Two plums in a crevasse.
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A nice cool photo for this hot weather. Postcard courtesy of Tim Scannell. I added the plums.
Hazel is listening to Radio 4 on the wind-up radio in her workshop. She's slowly getting round to doing some metalwork in there - scraping the door and hoovering up the flaked paint etc.
My room is a bit cooler today so been able to catch up with some correspondence and some collaging.
Hazel says there are too many distractions in the garden - the birds especially who gather round the seed feeders and fat balls.Also the thrush that uses the crazy paving to whack snails on to crack open the shells for the tasty morsel within. She sits at her workbench and is entranced by their antics and forgets about her work. Great to see Andy Sykes doing well and had lots of his very funny animations on BBC 2 late last night which I taped, as part of the Homegrown Hollywood series on every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night from 2 a.m. until 6. You can find his films HERE
Time for some music.

Ernest Butcher - Peaceful Street

Jack Hodges - Everything's Fresh Today

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Jonathan said...

Ah, windows...
we painters usually opt for blank walls to view the work against.
I occasionally install pictures in high rise buildings with brilliant views over Boston harbor. I'd never get anything done in a place like that, as I'd be looking out all the time. I'd never look at the artwork, either.

michael said...

Yes, that';s the trouble with big windows- you can't help but look out of them at what's going on outside. I have venetian blinds in my window upstairs so can adjust them to let in as much light as I like and it blocks the view somewhat, else I would be looking out at the big apple tree all the time and seeing what was chirping so noisily in those branches!

scrapatorium said...

I completely agree with you two. I have floor to ceiling windows in my workroom. I have curtains on them or else I would constantly be watching the excitement on the street below. We live on a busy street where at least once a week, there is a bad wreck at the intersection. Some of the other distractions are cross dressing roller skaters in sequin dresses; bible beater boys on bikes; a man who whistles constantly, but only knows one shrill note; the goat man (he looks like a billy goat); and on and on. I'll trade you for that apple tree Michael.

michael said...

Sounds like a weird neighbourhood you live in Angelica! Our suburban street sounds so quiet and dull by comparison!

scrapatorium said...

We live in the most diversified neighborhood in Houston (called the Montrose area). Tattoo parlors, antique and thrift shops, food from all over the world, gay bars, book stores, etc. Houston is quite conservative otherwise (which we're not!)

Syl said...

Aha! Now I've found my excuse for not being more productive...the windows!!!

michael said...

Now you've explained further Angelica it sounds great- it was the car crashes every week that sound scary!
Keep away from those windows Syl!