Friday, July 08, 2005

That sinking feeling.

old card games
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Hazel spent a lot of time inthe garden today as the sun came out! Hooray! After yesterday's depressing news of the bombings we needed a bit of sun to cheer us up. Hazel chopped lots of wood that had been piling up and then we lifted the old butlers sink back into the workshop for trimming - Hazel thumped great chunks of the concrete that still adhered to the bottom and the ceramic bricks that hold it up. It was pretty heavy so struggled a bit, but eventually we got it into place. Hoping that gravity will hold it there instead of cement!
Archie went to Chester Zoo again but this time with his school on a coach. He seemed to enjoy it which was good as he tends to dislike trips for some reason. He came back with presents for us both- badges and a bar of zoo chocolate which we ate with our afternoon tea and walnut cake.
I have been neglecting this blog for a few days as just started another with Swapatarium and Art Nahpro so kept busy making collages for it. Also clearing out the shed where we found these old card games amongst other things. A car boot load went to the tip and another to the charity shop. You can actually get into the shed now and sort through the tools and open cupboards, which you couldnt do before, eveything was jam packed in there.
Anyway, heres another couple of songs from the old days of music hall and variety as i haven't found much in the boot sales lately.

Gracie Fields - You Can't Catch Flies By Scratching Them

Tommy Handley - Have You Seen My Chickens?

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scrapatorium said...

Those card cames are fantastic! The graphics are great.

Roger Stevens said...

I like your new picture. Was it taken recently?

Roger Stevens said...

I'm in the middle of clearing out the cupboard at the top of the stairs. It's an old-fashion lathe and plaster ceiling (well, it would be as the house is three hundred years old) and it fell down a couple of months ago.

So every thing (cough) is covered in (cough)... (cough)... dust and plaster (cough)... debris (cough...)



michael said...

Thanks Angelica. We have some more but will uplaod them another time.
You sound like you are busy Roger. Too hot for anything strenuous - I have been doing some collaging and just watched the Hitchcock flim that came with the Times yesterday. His most unexciting ever! It's called "Spellbound" with Gregory Peck and Ingrid Bergman. The best bit is the Salvador Dali dream sequence.